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Shamanic Classes

Are You A Shaman? Do you want to be?

This workshop is for those who are interested in Shamanism or for those looking for validation of being Shaman. There will be many Shamanic "tools" discussed and used during this workshop.

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists today.

• It predates any organized religion, having its roots buried thousands of years in our past.

• Anthropologists discovered that shamans in cultures separated by thousands of miles and without knowledge of each other, developed healing and ceremonial approaches that were almost identical.

• Shamans call upon the essential forces of nature, helping spirits, exorcise harmful intrusions and balance energies through vibration.

Although shamanism is usually associated with primitive or wilderness settings, its application in urban environments is both natural and needed. Today, we live in a Global Village with billions of people, and at the very least, we need thousands of urban shamans to help maintain a harmonious, healthy existence. People just like you. - Serge Kahili King, PhD

Join Mawanaheya (aka Gayle Fowler), an Urban Shaman herself, in understanding Shamanism and how it is applied in today's world. You will be taken on a Shamanic Journey of discovery and upon leaving the class, you will have a better understanding of Shamanism and validation of being a Shaman.

Workshop includes a Shamanic Journey to the "lower realm" to meet your Animal Spirit Guides, Shamanic Journey to the "upper realm", Fire Ceremony (weather permitting) and a Shamanic Clearing/Cleaning. Please bring a water container with you and any "tools" that you may have as a healer. We will put them all to use at this hands-on workshop.

Connecting with Your Shamanic Guides

Have you ever wondered how others are receiving messages from their guides? Why does it look so easy? Would you like to learn how to do it yourself? If so, this class is for you!

Pre-requisite for this class... You Must Be Able to Relax and Enjoy the Experience! This class is geared towards connecting or reconnecting with your guides. Through a Shamanic Journey, you will ask for one of your guides to step forward and work with you. Then you will begin to open the line of communication with your guides and to share the messages that you are receiving.

We will be journeying to the lower and/or upper realms to establish a stronger connection. Shamanic essences and sprays by Navajo ILLUMINATIONS and GEAF Gifts will be used. Channeled messages may also be included depending on your guides.

Feather Way - the Magick of Feathers

In this class, you will learn how to use feathers in the Navajo way by following the teachings of Garrett Duncan, Navajo Shaman. You will be introduced to the magic of feather healing and its use in clearing energy, protection and setting intentions. The Feather Way was the class that started Gayle on her shamanic journey and she uses feathers as part of her energy work sessions and healing. The class fee is $50 and includes a workbook, intention feathers and a feather sword.

If you have any feathers, please feel free to bring them with you to the class, they will be infused and activated with the bird energies brought forth during the class.

"Very enlightening! I learned a great deal, and Gayle is a great teacher." - Brenda Hardwick

Feather Way II: Advanced Techniques

Garrett Duncan, Founder of the Feather Way will be hosting a follow up class to the Feather Way – the Magick of Feathers seminar. A prerequisite to this class is the successful completion of the Feather Way class.

In this class you will be able to share your experiences and how things have changed since taking the class. We will provide additional techniques that include: the double sword technique, extractions through Feather-puncture, cord removal through scooping, and using your feathers as a wand or antennae.

Sacred space will be created to allow practice in a safe setting. In addition, an energetic healing chamber will be used to heighten energies and intention ceremony will be performed in the chamber. Participants will receive second feather to use for double sword technique. Please bring sword feathers, workbook, and alter cloths.

Shamanic Reiki Hands-on Class

This hands-on class is for those who have received at least their Reiki Level I attunement. This class goes beyond a Reiki share as Gayle will be introducing you to your Animal Healing Guides to assist you in clearing blockages, releasing trapped emotional, mental or spiritual traumas and bringing balance and harmony back.

Gayle works with Bear Medicine and is also a medical intuitive therefore she will be able to guide the participants toward identifying the areas to be worked on and coaxing your intuitive gifts to step forward during your energy work sessions. There will be a group guided meditation/journey to strengthen your bond with your Animal Healing Guides as well as a fire ceremony to clear and prepare the participants. For those who have taken the Sacred Blue Flame and Feather Way classes, Gayle will demonstrate how she uses these additional healing tools during energy work sessions.

This is a hands-on class, therefore we will have massage tables, as well as chairs for seated sessions and shamanic sprays and other tools available. Please bring your healing tools to the class as well as water.

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