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Conversations with Your Guides and the Ancient Ones

This gathering provides an opportunity for each participant to ask questions of his or her guides or any of the Gayle's guides. It's a great opportunity to reach out and connect in a very fun and non-judgemental atmosphere. Unlike a channeling session, this Meetup will allow the participants to interactively ask their questions without fear of breaking the channelled connection.

Many insightful messages have come from this type of setting. Please join us in seeking responses to your unanswered questions. Please note that there is no guarantee all your questions will be answered by your specific guides. It all depends on who wishes to join us.

Deep Clearing through Vibrational Frequencies

Come and receive deep clearing through the use of toning; clearing through vibrational frequencies. We have learned through past experiences how toning raises ones vibrational frequency and helps to release energetic blockages. Leave all the junk you have accumulated over the year behind and start with a clear slate. 

" It was a pleasure to Tone with classmates last month and experience the powerful, uplifting shift in vibration during and long after class. Resonating in sync with others led me fully into my heart space leaving me feeling grounded, joyful and grateful. I felt more connected with myself and others than I had in quite a while. :)" - Candace Uvalle

Universal Business 101 Workshop w/ Garrett Duncan & Gayle Fowler

Have you been thinking of starting a business? Do you need help figuring out how to do it? Have you been in business doing readings and healings and have not set up business up properly? Where ever you are in having your own business, this workshop will provide the tools and insights to building a successful business.

This workshop will provide you with the universal and "muggle" (aka non-magical) tools to setup your business or enhance your current business.

Gayle Fowler, who has a Masters of Business Administration and has set up her own successful business as well as worked in upper management in the corporate world for over 35 years, will teach you the basics in setting up a business. From registering your company name to how it may affect your taxes. She will provide the muggle tools for setting up your business to succeed.

Garrett Duncan will work with the universal energies to help bring prosperity and abundance to your newly created or existing business. He will share how he is able to have a successful business by trust and going with the flow.

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