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Back in July of 2017 we, Garrett Duncan, Carissa Fisher, Gayle Fowler and Susan Goddard, began our incredible journey of interacting and learning from the People of the Forest, aka Sasquatch or Big Foot. Along the way we have been gifted so many teachings that we decided, through their urgings, that it is now time to share it with you. It is time to come back together and gathering around the fire pit and share their teachings.


This retreat is not about proving the existence of these spiritual elemental or star beings. It is a gathering to share their wisdom that will assist us humans on our paths. We will be...

  • sharing our experiences through retelling of our encounters

  • passing on the healing words and techniques

  • connecting or reconnecting to their tools they have gifted us

  • channeling many of the elders and guides that we have continued to work with over the years, and

  • exploring the a new location at the Glen Isle Resort in Bailey, CO where we had a few encounters in October 2023.


Early Bird Price = $175/person before 3/31/24

Regular Price = $225/person payable by 4/30/24


Lodging and meals are your responsibility. No restaurants on site, but each cabin has its own kitchen to cook your meals and the town of Bailey is less than 10 minutes away.

The Sacred Way - Teachings of the Forest People (aka Sasquatch) Retreat

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