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Master Teacher Degree Outline
A review of the symbols and the introduction of new, non-traditional symbols
Nine Master Symbols from various lineages
Numerous ways to apply the master symbol
Non-traditional symbols are given, for balance and harmony and one for grounding
Process to assist beings who have passed to the next dimension
A deeper understanding of how healing light works on numerous levels
Crystal Energy Transfer Grid: A focus for your guides to increase your personal master energy on a continual basis. Also may be used to give healing to another, 24 hours a day
Energetic Release, a process which gives an issue form and then clears it
Brings the recipient under the umbrella of your Reiki master energy
Clearly allows the recipient to visualize and process the current disturbance
Meditation practices and techniques using Reiki symbols
Advanced understanding of chakras
Sensing and seeing auras
Understanding the connection of Reiki to Buddhism
Learn to pass the attunements for all degrees of Reiki
Attunement to Master Teacher level
Activation of the last 21-day chakra cleaning cycle
The Shamanic Twist includes using new healing tools and working with your Animal Spirit Guides to assist in healing. Throughout the class, Shamanic practices will be introduced and incorporated into the Reiki healing process. Every class includes hands-on practice.

Reiki III - Master Teacher Level

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