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Second Degree Reiki Outline
A completion of the opening the chakras in the palms and an expansion of the crown chakra
Ability to fully connect with the chakra system of the recipient
Attunement to new symbols to access hidden mental and emotional issues
Understand how to heal at a distance, into the past or future
Squares the energy of First Degree Reiki and creates a quantum leap in intuitive awareness
Receive a pendulum and instructions for its myriad uses
Lovingly release unhealthy connections to others via "cords"
Animal treatments and communication with them
Learn to clear addictions, release spirit attachments and enhance relationships
Practice the "Five Tibetan Rites" to keep chakras spinning while you stay and feel younger longer
Increased integration of "Higher Self" Consciousness
Activation of another 21-day chakra cleansing cycle
Over 20 "Life Tools"; guided imagery meditations to understand and clear life issues
 The Shamanic Twist includes using new healing tools and working with your Animal Spirit Guides to assist in healing. Throughout the class, Shamanic practices will be introduced and incorporated into the Reiki healing process. Every class includes hands-on practice.

Reiki II

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