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The Divine Feminine line was created by Gayle Fowler, Urban Shaman, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Empath and Channel.Gayle received messages from the ancestors to create the essences that make up the sprays.


Each is unique in its vibrational frequency, scent and ability to connect one with the animal spirit, ancient ones and other Earth based beings. The sprays are made with charged distilled waters with different frequencies based on the directions received by the ancestors. These sprays are not medicinal items, but used strictly from a Shamanic/Healer perspective to assist yourself and others connect, ground, clear, or raise your spiritual frequency.


The sprays only ships to the continental United States. Additional shipping charges may be added for Puerto Rico and Guam. Contact GEAF Gifts Customer Service at for shipping fees.


  • Goddess of the Diamond Light: Brings forth your Star Connection. The Goddess of the Diamond Light, Quitaria, helps to let your internal light shine through your diamond armor so others may see your true beauty and shine. This is done through nurturing and love.Use when you want to establish a stronger connection with others and your guides. Helps you to show who your truly are.
  • Goddess Pele: Brings forth the power of fire and earth in a smooth and gentle way. Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, will bring out the true warrior in all through her nurturing and love energy. Use when you need a boost in your warrior energy and to connect with the fire and earth elements.
  • Mama Earth: Brings forth the connection to Mama Earth (Gaia) and helps one to reconnect to the realm that we live in. This will also help you to feel safe and secure within ones self or in different environments. Very nurturing and loving energies.
  • Moon Goddess: Brings forth the connection to the moon and waters; primarily ocean waters. This is a gentle energy from the Goddess Darneryrs who assists you to reconnect with the moon and waters of our planet. Use when you need to ground and bring forth calmness or to reconnect to the moon and water energy. Great to use during lunar phase ceremonies.White
  • Buffalo Calf Woman: Brings forth the connection to the Mother of All Natives, White Buffalo Calf Woman. She wishes to send healing and reassurance through surrounding you with her nurturing and loving energies. Use when you are needing to feel supported and loved. Great to use for healers and energy workers/practitioners, as well as clients.

Divine Feminine Line - 2 oz. Sprays

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