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Reiki III, Master Teacher Level with a Shamanic Twist- $425 per person

A prerequisite of Reiki II attunement and class completions is necessary to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge to follow the curriculum of this class. Classes completed by other instructors meets the prerequisite criteria. 

We all have spiritual gifts and in the sacred space of the Reiki attunement and Reiki master teacher course you will open to your spiritual awareness and become awakened of the kind of mastery you have always held which will now be unlocked. This Reiki class will uncover the type of personal psychic abilities held in this form of healing therapy and how they are reflected in your everyday life. The fun comes watching it unfold without expectations, for your spiritual growth can not be controlled, directed and most of all, denied.

The Shamanic Twist includes using new healing tools and working with your Animal Spirit Guides to assist in healing. Throughout the class, Shamanic practices will be introduced and incorporated into the Reiki healing process.

Third degree Reiki can shake up the initiate's energies as the vibration continues to rise. The master teacher attunement will balance and steady the bodies of the student while revealing the true gifts one could have hidden in the past. Your intuition will increase substantially from your Reiki I and Reiki II awakening.

There are many different master symbols which have been channeled in the past 100 plus years, seeing this is a class in mastery, all symbols will be taught and attunements given. In this way the initiate will step into their power by choosing the symbol which resonates with them. No master will tell them their path, they get to decide. The non-traditional symbols will assist in balance, harmony, grounding and supporting the immune system.

In class you will learn how to attune and teach others about their own inherent healing abilities, via the Reiki instruction. Guidance is given on how to attune others. At the end of the class you will become a Certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT).

Master Teacher Degree Outline

A review of the symbols and the introduction of new, non-traditional symbols

• Nine Master Symbols from various lineages

• Numerous ways to apply the master symbol

• Non-traditional symbols are given, for balance and harmony and one for grounding

• Process to assist beings who have passed to the next dimension

• Crystal Energy Transfer Grid

• Energetic Release, a process which gives an issue form and then clears it

• Advanced understanding of chakras

• Sensing and seeing auras

• Learn to pass the attunements for all degrees of Reiki

• Attunement to Master Teacher level

• Activation of the last 21-day chakra cleaning cycle

• Connecting with your Spirit Animal Healing Guides

• Hands-on practice

Class fee includes a copy of Inner Gifts Uncovered: The Complete Reiki 2nd Degree Manual, Expanding the Path of Self Empowerment & Reiki by Marnie Vincolisi

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