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Reiki II Class with a Shamanic Twist - $225 per person

A prerequisite of Reiki I attunement and class completions is necessary to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge to follow the curriculum of this class. Classes completed by other instructors meets the prerequisite criteria.

In this level of Reiki training you will learn more Reiki symbols and learn distance healing. Your Reiki attunement, given in person or online will make your hands, healing chakras, so you may now send distant Reiki. The 20 guided meditation Life Tools which are a Reiki meditation, will dovetail with the Reiki 2 attunement to assist the initiate along their path of enlightenment. 

Second degree Reiki offers an opportunity to expand the skills acquired in Reiki 1 to new heights. Healing is moved up a notch because the chakras of the hands in level one Reiki were only partially open and now the energy can be fully accessed via the level two attunement.

New symbols are presented which aid in distant healing as well as stimulating new perceptions in the mental an emotional arena. Some Reiki classes only teach how to send healing across the miles but in the Light Internal System we share the ability to traverse all dimensions of time and space; into the past or future. This greatly expands the use of the distant Reiki symbol. 

This attunement opens the initiate to higher levels of consciousness by expanding the crown chakra even more, thus, creating a clearer connection to Universal Intelligence and the power of all that is. This amplification of the crown chakra increases the intuition already achieved in Reiki one. The application of this skill is extended not only to humans but to animals. Communication and healing with our four legged friends is discussed and practiced in this class.

The mental and emotional symbol is augmented with insightful "Life Tools". Each "Life Tool" is a guided meditation which shows the client how to release attachments, triggers, cords, entities and address a myriad of other emotional issues which hold one back from performing at optimal efficiency. 

The Shamanic Twist includes using new healing tools and working with your Animal Spirit Guides to assist in healing. Throughout the class, Shamanic practices will be introduced and incorporated into the Reiki healing process.

Second Degree Reiki Outline

A completion of the opening the chakras in the palms and an expansion of the crown chakra

  • Attunement to new symbols to access hidden mental and emotional issues
  • Understand how to heal at a distance, into the past or future
  • Receive a pendulum and instructions for its myriad uses
  • Lovingly release unhealthy connections to others via "cords"
  • Learn to clear addictions, release spirit attachments and enhance relationships
  • Increased integration of "Higher Self" Consciousness
  • Activation of another 21-day chakra cleansing cycle
  • Over 20 "Life Tools"; guided imagery meditations to understand and clear life issues
  • Hands-on practice
  • Class fee includes a copy of Inner Gifts Uncovered: The Complete Reiki 2nd Degree Manual, Expanding the Path of Self Empowerment & Reiki by Marnie Vincolisi

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