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Have you been thinking of starting a business? Do you need help figuring out how to do it? Have you been in business doing readings and healings and have not set up business up properly? Where ever you are in having your own business, this workshop will provide the tools and insights to building a successful business.
  This workshop will provide you with the universal and "muggle" (aka non-magical) tools to setup your business or enhance your current business.
  To register for this online, please submit payment to the following:Gayle Fowler, who has a Masters of Business Administration and has set up her own successful business as well as worked in upper management in the corporate world for over 35 years, will teach you the basics in setting up a business. From registering your company name to how it may affect your taxes. She will provide the muggle tools for setting up your business to succeed.

Universal Business 101 - In-Person & Online

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