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  Gayle has received many requests to mentor others. As a results, she has decided to offer weekly online group mentoring sessions for a 6-week duration. This is advanced mentoring for people who have identified their gifts and are wanting to move to the next level or needing validation. There will be a Friday night session or Saturday afternoon session on the same topic. Choose Friday or Saturday and try to commit to that timeslot for the entire 6-weeks.
  Each week there will be different topics with walk-on discussions from the group. This will be your opportunity to ask your questions and receive personal responses. Tools and techniques will be discussed at each session. Note that this is NOT a private reading.
  Planned discussion topics:
  Week 1: Fine tuning my gifts
  Week 2: Working with my guides
  Week 3: Shamanic Journeying for yourself and others
  Week 4: Healing past traumas and present ailments
  Week 5: Using your intuition to do a reading
  Week 6: House clearings/people clearings

Online Mentoring Sessions - Single Sessions

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